Changes to the pre-application advice service

Following customer feedback, we have undertaken a review of our pre-application advice service, with the proposed changes agreed by the Planning Committee on 24 March 2023.

The changes will provide consistency of advice, with a simpler fee structure to reflect full cost recovery.  Pre-application advice will continue to be the opinion of the planning officer and team manager and will not prejudice any subsequent decision taken by the planning authority.

Advice for householder development, advertising, simple changes of use and minor alterations to buildings will continue to be provided through the resources we have online.

Whilst providing pre-application advice is not a statutory planning function, providing this service helps to support the efficient operation of the planning system as it can improve the quality of applications and provide a level of additional certainty to applicants.

The changes were introduced on 1 April 2023.  Full details on the pre-application advice service, including the customer service guide and charges are on our website.

Once implemented we will be reviewing the updated pre-application advice service gathering feedback from customers through the feedback survey.