City Plan 2030 Update

The City Plan 2030 period for representations has been open for 2 weeks and there is still time to make your representations on the consultation hub before it ends on the 20th December.

The consultation hub contains the plan in full and you can comment on each section in turn or simply navigate to the part you wish to comment on. Our guide will help you navigate.

Our Quick Guide to City Plan 2030 gives an overview of each section of the plan and what it contains plus more information on the plan and the process.

You can also check out the interactive proposals map along with the accompanying Environmental Report and a range of background documents used to inform the plan.

Representations can be in support of, or object to any aspect of the proposed plan and should set out any changes you wish to see. Comments can also be made on the Environmental Report and background documents.

A series of online briefings sessions have been taking place and the following are still to come: 

24th November 5:30pm – 7pm (South West (west) Edinburgh)

Overview of City Plan 2030, key proposal sites and how to use the consultation hub.

25th November 4pm – 5:30pm

Overview of City Plan 2030, along with information on how the strategy and policies relate to existing business uses and economy policies.

2nd December 1pm – 3pm

Citywide session, focusing on policies, city centre and how to use the consultation hub.

Click here for further details of events

Should you wish to attend we would be grateful if you could advise of attendance by e-mail to

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  • joining in the conversation by using the #CityPlan2030 hashtag

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