City Plan 2030 is published for comments

City Plan 2030 is a new local development plan for the City of Edinburgh Council area. When agreed, it will replace the existing Local Development Plan that came into force in November 2016.

We’ve published our proposed plan for the ‘period of representations’, which is the final opportunity for you to give us your comments.

The proposed plan sets out locations for new homes and businesses, where new infrastructure and facilities are required and how we will protect places of value. It also includes policies which will be used to determine future planning applications and will shape the city over the next 10 years and beyond.

Check out the interactive proposals map along with the accompanying Environmental Report and a range of background documents used to inform the plan.

The proposed plan, agreed by the Planning Committee on 29 September 2021, was prepared following careful consideration of the responses to the earlier ‘Choices’ consultation, assessment of national, regional and local policy and a range of background studies and appraisals.

Representations can be in support of or object to any aspect of the proposed plan, and should set out any changes you wish to see. Comments can also be made on the Environmental Report and background documents.

You can make representations on the proposed City Plan 2030 until 5pm on 20 December 2021.

Find out more

Visit the City Plan 2030 webpage for details of online public briefing sessions or you can keep up to date with the City Plan project by:

  • subscribing to our blog
  • following us on twitter at @planningedin
  • joining in the conversation by using the #CityPlan2030 hashtag

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