Planning Performance Framework 2020-2021

In July 2021 we submitted our tenth annual Planning Performance Framework to the Scottish Government. PPF 2020-2021 evaluates the activity and performance of the Council’s Planning service between April 2020 and March 2021 .The Planning Performance Framework (PPF) was introduced in 2012 by planning authorities and was developed by Heads of Planning (HOPs) in collaboration with the Scottish Government.

The framework aims to showcase the performance of the planning service and share examples of best practice .  The onset of the pandemic in March/April 2020 represented a unique and significant challenge for the service which required an innovative and dynamic approach. The framework reviews the way in which the service adopted several new working practices to meet this challenge. Other indicators within the framework include assessing quality of outcomes on the ground, quality of service and engagement, governance arrangements & embedding a culture of continuous improvement.

New Waverley development

Several case studies are discussed, including: New Waverley and St James Centre; online customer forums; coordinated advice for businesses; Leith Walk/Halmyre Street Place Brief; online committees; paid for Non-Material Variation Service; Conservation Area Reviews; City Mobility Plan; and the Vision for Water Management.

Quality of service and engagement- There has been a general improvement in decision times across the service even though we have been receiving high volumes of planning applications (see Time Performance Review blog)

In 2020/21 the service was tested like never before. It has proven to be remarkably resilient and, thanks to the hard work and professionalism of our staff, the people of Edinburgh continued to receive a quality planning service, committed to continual improvement and accessible to all.

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