50 Years of Conservation Areas

Why do we designate conservation areas?

It is 50 years since the Civic Amenities Act 1967 introduced the concept of protecting the character of areas of historic and architectural interest by the designation of conservation areas

The Edinburgh Local Development Plan, adopted in 2016, states that an ongoing review of conservation areas will consider changes to boundaries, opportunities for enhancement, and the designation of new conservation areas. Conservation area status brings a number of special controls including:

  • The demolition of unlisted buildings requires Conservation Area Consent;
  • Some permitted development rights are removed;
  • Alterations to windows are also controlled in conservation areas in terms of the Council’s guidelines; and
  • Works to trees are controlled.

Where are Edinburgh’s conservation areas?

There are currently 49 conservation areas in Edinburgh, including city centre areas, Victorian suburbs and former villages. Each conservation area has its own unique character and appearance. Examples include the Colonies, Dean, Old Town, New Town and South Queensferry Conservation area. The map below shows all our conservation areas:

Conservation Area

Development in Conservation Areas

The designation of a conservation area is not a barrier to all development. Character appraisals are produced to help manage change.  These set out what makes an area special and informs decisions on proposals that may affect the character of an area.  This ensures that development sustains and respects the qualities and special characteristics of the area.  All new development should respect, enhance and provide a positive impact on the area and physical land use change should be based on an understanding of the historic and urban design context.

Future conservation areas

The planning service is considering the designation of Restalrig as a conservation area. The proposed conservation area would include St. Margaret’s Parish Church and surrounding streets. The area has a long and interesting history and the designation would be a way of acknowledging its architectural and historic importance.  As the 50th conservation area in Edinburgh, it would also be an appropriate way to mark the 50 years since the Civic Amenities Act.

You can give us your views about the proposed designation of Restalrig as a conservation area from 6 – 30 October 2017.

2 thoughts on “50 Years of Conservation Areas”

  1. Thanks for this update – I am not quite clear if you are saying all CAs in Edin will have their boundaries reviewed and if/when/how this will happen. I am keen to send this email on to the CC I attend so would like to be clear … thanks

    Best wishes
    David Wood (MRTPI)
    PAS | Manager Planning & Policy
    Direct: 0131 659 9774
    Office: 0131 220 9730
    Free planning advice: 0300 323 7602
    Website: http://www.pas.org.uk
    [linked in][Twitter][Facebook][yotube]
    [cid:image002.jpg@01CAE788.409908A0]PAS has Investing in Volunteers accreditation. Think Green and only print this email if absolutely necessary. Planning Aid for Scotland (known as PAS) – Registered Office: 3rd floor, 125 Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 4AD. Registered in Scotland SC143209. Registered Charity SC021337. Privacy and Confidentiality: This email contains proprietary, privileged and confidential information. If you are not a named addressee (or responsible for delivery to a named addressee) you must delete this email and any attachment immediately. We would be grateful if you would contact the sender to report any such misdelivery.

    1. Hi David, the boundaries of all Conservation Areas are not being reviewed. The Local Development Plan advises that ongoing reviews will consider amendments to boundaries, opportunities for enhancement, and the designation of new conservation areas where appropriate. Any amendments are usually undertaken as part of a review of a conservation areas character appraisal – we would post these on the Council’s consultation hub and notify the relevant community councils.

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