Old and New Towns of Edinburgh World Heritage Site…

… have your say.

WHS panorama and logoThis is your opportunity to have your say on how the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh World Heritage Site should be managed.

The consultation opened on Friday 1 July and will run until 1 August 2016.

We’ve had over 230 responses since Friday and the results are starting to take shape…

Pavilion Postcard
This wheel is a visual representation of the results so far (click to enlarge).

So far, this is what the respondents have scored high:

  • Feeling Safe
  • Livability
  • Facilities and amenities
  • Identity and belonging
  • Natural Space

Themes that are not scoring so well include:

  • Control and Guidance
  • Contribution of new developments to city centre
  • Housing
  • Visitor management
  • Care and maintenance of buildings and streets
  • Influence and sense of control

Public consultations are only as effective as the input from those who participate, so if you haven’t done so yet, please take a moment to share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions using our online survey.

You can also download the survey and send comments to worldheritage@edinburgh.gov.uk

Watch this space to see how the shape of the wheel evolves over the coming weeks.

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