Pre-application planning advice

A large part of our work involves giving pre-application advice on a wide range of planning proposals. To help us make better use of our resources, we’re changing what we provide pre-application advice on.

Changes to pre-application advice

The Planning and Building Standards Customer Service Charter approved by Planning Committee in December last year sets out the level of service you should expect.

Pre-application advice for major developments will continue to be handled by the relevant area team. For other pre-application advice, the charter states:

  • Pre-application advice will normally be restricted to large, unusual or contentious cases or on smaller complex cases where policies or guidance are open to interpretation
  • We will generally not give advice on the following types of development as we have guidance online
    • householder development
    • windows
    • driveways
    • straightforward change of uses
    • adverts
  • When asking for advice, you should use the pre-application advice form to ensure we get all the information we need
  • We will send the enquiry to the relevant area team who will decide if a meeting is necessary
  • We will advise you to where to find information online
  • We will provide a formal response for more complex proposals
  • We aim to respond within 10 working days
  • We advise on the use of professional agents to assess if permission is needed and to make the appropriate application/s

Our helpdesk planner at the Planning and Building Standards reception area (9am-1pm) can offer general planning guidance but is unable to give pre-application advice. For more detailed advice you can send us a pre-application form if it meets the above criteria.

How we deal with requests for pre-application advice is part of a number of changes we’re introducing and we’ll keep you informed on the blog as these happen.

Planning and pre-application advice
Planning and pre-application advice

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