Royal High School applications

As there have been some difficulties in submitting comments on the Planning Portal regarding the Royal High School applications, we are extending the period to comment on the applications by four days.  The new dates now appear on the portal.

We are doing this as:

  • the portal was not functioning properly for a period of time between 26 and 28 September; and
  • the response time of the portal has been affected by the sheer volume of web traffic and becomes very slow especially at certain times of day.

For this reason, we have extended the deadlines for submitting comments.  The new expiry dates are as follows:

Listed Building Consent Application – 15/03990/LBC  Tuesday 6 October 2015

Planning Application – 15/03989/FUL Tuesday 13 October 2015

The reason the dates are different is because one week extra is allowed for the planning application because it is accompanied by an Environmental Statement.

Please note that it is more efficient to receive comments online as they can be processed electronically and it saves time.  This is particularly important with developments that attract a lot of public interest and it helps to ensure no comments are missed.  If the system is running slowly, we would ask you to be patient as the system will respond eventually.  We will of course accept emails/letters in the normal way provided they are received by the published dates, but these do take longer to process.

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