Your views on future growth of Edinburgh and South East Scotland

UPDATE: August 2015
As the consultation is now halfway through, SESplan have prepared this useful summary of the events and how you can continue to get involved. 

The Strategic Development Plan is about long-term planning, setting a vision and spatial strategy for Edinburgh and South East Scotland.  As part of the preparation of the second Strategic Development Plan SESplan, the Strategic Development Plan Authority, have published a Main Issues Report.

SESplan Main Issues Report July 2015
SESplan Main Issues Report July 2015

The Main Issues Report is a consultation document which highlights the key challenges facing the region over the next 20 years and presents a series of issues and options on how to address them. This is summarised in an Easy Read Guide.

Consultation takes place from 21 July 2015 until 30 September 2015. A series of events are taking place across the area and details are available on the SESplan website. You can give your responses on the issues by submitting a response via the SESplan Consultation Portal.

Responses will be used to inform the policies in the second Strategic Development Plan.

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