A refreshed Planning and Building Standards service

Planning and Building Standards leaflet
Planning and Building Standards leaflet

The Planning and Building Standards service has completed a review of how we deliver our service.  We now have a more area based focus with teams based on an east and west split allocated across the City to deal with planning and building warrant applications.  This will help integrate both these processes and has brought our enforcement and listed building functions in to the area teams.  The major applications will be handled in central, west, east and waterfront areas of the City.

The service will also have a city-wide function progressing key areas such as the development plan, the built and natural environment.  The built environment team will have an emphasis on placemaking, with the natural environment team now responsible for issues such as tree enquiries and high hedge applications.

We’ve produced a leaflet outlining the new structure, the new teams, the areas they work in and contact details.  We also have a postcode search and online map which you can use to get details of the relevant Planning and Building Standards team to contact.

PBS Management Review Structure jpeg


Customer survey – agents

Following these changes, we undertook a survey of agents who regularly use the service and have provided a summary of the findings.  This includes a number of actions we will be taking forward.

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